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Welcome to the pound!! This is what we are trying to sort out. All these dogs, illnesses, lack of time and money, severe lack of help. Please watch so you can understand why we have taken this over as they were all going to be put to sleep. We are going to do our best and have already done loads while Lisa H Walker and Katrina Walker were here but we have a hell of a way to go. Please look at the videos below 



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Please help us to save the pound. We will constantly keep you updated and work tirelessly to help these 400 dogs 😊‼️‼️‼️‼️IF YOU CAN'T DONATE PLEASE SHARE 👍





 Welcome to our website ,click on the facebook link and meet the team Pippa Cook, lisa Walker, Katrina walker. Donate through pay pal or donate to our croud funding page, or even be a sponser to rescue more dogs, spread the word by sharing with your friends, please feel free to brouse through our website and read what our cause is all about



Help recuse furbabies from Spain who have been abused and abandoned pay through paypal every little helps click on the link above




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We are an organisation who are trying to rescue unfortunate animals in Spain and re-home them to give them a future. The animals we rescue can be re-homed in Spain, England and many other countries. Home checks are required for the animals welfare and by law. We do not rule out family homes with children or other animals. Please follow us on twitter, (@pawsonheart1) and Facebook to  support our worthy cause.


Unlike here in the UK, Spain does not have any charitable organisations who aim to give dogs a better future.  The dogs in Spain are often in kill shelters if not rescued out of the pound.  Dogs have been found hung on trees which they call the ‘dancing dog’ when the owners have no more use of the dogs or simply don’t want them.


In Spain we are in the process of building kennels for these helpless dogs with the donation we receive and the charity events we have we could not do this without your generosity as we simply rely entirely on donation, also when a dog is adopted a payment is required for vaccinations ,chip and passports and travel fees


We are a small group trying to raise enough funds to help in our plight to save abandoned and abused animals and also to get our achievements recognised as a registered charity ,animals in Spain have no rights and no voice ,these animals have been  abandoned usually beaten, starved and left to die


we rely entirely on donations and sponsors to support us to care for these unwanted animals


We have full back up in england for our fosters. If for any reason the adoption has problems, we will respond and look for a solution. The charity is based in england not Spain, simply the animals are transported from here due to high risk of sacrifice and death. 


Please take this into account that under no circumstances do we close the door to anyone and will always respond as we want to SAVE dogs.... We even have a vet who takes care of our babies in temporary foster ( not adoption) once in england . We are a responsible association.


With your help we could fight this cause together




When we visited the pound in Spain it was heartbreaking.

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This is a little about our project in Spain


Footings for the kennels.. Concrete going down all hands on deck tonight.. Thank you so much to all who donated, still needing donations tho so we can carry on 👍🐾😍🐾
I would like to say a massive thanks to Lawrence Cook who built the Kennels with Dave Walker and Andrew Cook. He dropped everything and did it for us. 👍👍👍🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
 First kennal will be nearly finished ( but usable)We have our first baby coming today Who was due to be put to sleep as was in a High kill pound. So I have contacted the pound and right now he is on his way to me. He is called Tyson🐶. I will put pictures up asap. I promise that I Will do my best from here in Spain to keep as many safe as I can... As I have been doing for years already. But I need everyone to support our cause  and help Katrina Walker Lisaanddave Walker  there in England, so they can keep helping me Pippa Cook and the fur babies here 💜💞💝💗💕
Phase two  Still need donations for roof and more materials
Two of the kennels in use. Tyson Lina and Orion. Thanks to everyone who helped. This is just the beginning 😍🐾🐾🐾🐾
Step two finished.... a little closer we are.



From the ladies night all funds raised will help to finish the kennels


Work started on our puppy kennels today. So excited to see the end result 😊😊

Before the painting

Thanks to Sharon Revilles-Hopkinson      hard work helping us and some                  donations. Also some of the sponsored walk money we have painted the Kennels 😊 we are all very pleased with them. We also have three of the four puppies abandoned in them. Still one more to catch 😢there are also some of the kennels before pictures in there ❤️

Myself Katrina and Pippa are so grateful to everyone who donated to our septic tank appeal. We just can't say thankyou enough to all the people who continue to support us 🐾🐶 WORK NOW IN PROGRESS. 🎉🎉🎉This now means our rescued Puppies living in a much cleaner environment not to mention Pippa and her family. So once again thanks so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Lisa and Katrina walker