These babies about 5 months old need a home. They are friendly but on the street. Neighbours dont want them there are are being nasty. The girl who looks after them feas for their life. Mum is only a year old herself and also needs a loving home. Special travel prices apply ( 110 euros) plus adoptio

RESERVED TOGETHER IN MALAGA ❤️💜🐾🐾 Two 5 day old babies. Please send positive thoughts to help them pull through. Were at the pound with no mum.... 💜😻❤️ this is gonna be a fun time 😅

This little girl needs a home as soon as possible. She has come to a home in England but unfortunately the other cats are attacking her. Please inbox if you can offer her a home 😊

Say hello to "cupcake".. beautiful 8 month old female, neutered and ready to travel. Please contact me for further info, adoption fee's apply.. PLEASE SHARE FOR CUPCAKE🐾❤

Cadbury loving little male cat needs a home. Has appeared at the pound!! Very friendly little chap... any offers?? ❤️

Adopted ❤️❤️❤️ Mr Grey. Lovely little boy in need of a home as soon as possible. 😺 please share 🐾