This is sally. She is a very submissive dog and has been attacked as you can see with the whole in her face. Let's get her out she us currently in a kill shelter in Spain





Look at this poor baby. She didn't even know what a bed is 😔 This is her only chance to get out of the pound so I can't give up on her.


My poor foster baby. I am totally smitten with her but she is not ready to travel to England. I fell in love with this baby when I saw a picture of her after a dog attack and she had a whole in her face. We could not ask anyone to adopt her at present as she is terrified and is scared of her own shadow. On this occasion Pippa Cook is going to take this poor baby when I come home and we may even try to bring professional trainer to help. This will eat our donations so please if you can donate or sponsor her. If you do let us know it's for Sally. Lisandave Walker has fostered this one


Omg omg I am so happy. We have got Sally on the dog bed. She has also took food from my hand. I am in love. 😍😍please help she only has this last chance and it may need a professional trainer. She is stunning 😍😍


This is Sally's story. Please share it as we will need a special family for this girl. She will not come to England till we feel she is ready but will still need a lot of love. 😍😍😍she is a beautiful and impressive girl and will make a very loyal and loving friend for the right person 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😊


Sally on her new bed 😍




Sally this morning ... ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️🐶 RESERVED TO MY BEAUTIFUL 🍩 Lisandave Walker

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Just thought I would let everyone know that when we was in Spain we bought 3 big kennels for the kennels we built just as extra shelter from the rain and cold on winter months. So thanks all we couldn't have got them without your donations ❤️❤️Sally is loving hers 👍🐾🐾😍🐾


Sally playing