Welcome to the family Album all these fur-babies have had a second chance of love and are with there forever family's

Samantha Walker‎·
-Bella and Lola playing tug of war and little toddy being a referee 🐾

Shauna kiyani --We adopted our pup chuck last week its the best decision we ever made he now has a forever home so anyone who's wanting to adopt please please do so there are lots of dogs waiting to be rehomed they need a chance and can promise you once you adopt you will be so thankful to all the rescuer's who rescue all the animals we are so greatful to adopt one of thier dogs that they rescued.

Robo Kate‎ -Just to let you know Roza is settling in just fine! Your hard work really does pay off! Thank You! Xx

Kirsty Redford‎
-Best friends thank you to this group

Sharon Revilles-HopkinsonMy Bella (sausage) ❤️ we've just got a treadmill in the lounge and another settee in my flat in the pub and she won't come upstairs now, she's terrified 😩😩

Tracy Ann Reece‎Paws -Happy Easter everyone, love Gracie, one of the Paws on Heart babes xxx

Tracy Ann Reece‎
-Gracie with some of her pals at daycare x

Debbie Buczman‎--Sponsor money collected - well done Hugo & Poppy you did fab £222.00 on its way to help more babies x

Debbie Buczman‎ -Normal Saturday night for Hugo.... #chilled 💙💙

Steven Linney -Our little boy Pedro with one of his new best friends Daisy

Anna Koivu-These two have become best friends, they play together from morning to evening. Alec is at nursery three hours/day and that's when Toby sleeps.Just went into my study and this is what I found. Both of them sleeping on my tiny carpet. Joint afternoon nap..

Jazmine Morris----Pablo is in the process of being crate trained. Which means he's got better and better at sneaking into my bed and giving me sad eyes.

Nikki Coe with Lee Coe --Marshall all tucked in ready for bed ❤️🐶 Can't believe we have had the pleasure of this lovely boy for 8 months now. Every single day is a joy with him and each day he comes out of his shell a little more!

Barbara Mullarkey - Rufus in the rain! Still needs a bit of persuasion to come out in it.....

Nicki AshworthSo here he is. Archie Bumble our Spanish connection!! He is adorable and wilful and loyal and loving but not without his challenges! He developed a 'taste' for sheep and has been very lucky as our farmer neighbour is a very good friend and instead of raising his gun we have got together to help him curb and control his desire to chase and, instead respect and accept they will be in his environment. We do even more recall and reward training and he's now brilliant at returning to a whistle. We've spent hours on a 10m line helping him recognise his boundaries and he gets tons and tons of exercise on a daily basis.
I think what I'm trying to say is we will NEVER give up on him. We totally and utterly love him and I blame myself for the sheep incident as I'd got distracted and didn't realise he'd gone out of my sight until it was too late. 2 lambs down but none of us blame Archie. It's his instinct to run hunt and chase. That will fundamentally never change. It's up to me to put him some 'tools in his box' to help him think twice before he acts. Taking a rescue is never straightforward. I should know, Archie is our 5th we should not be novices at this!! Archie is part of our family and he's my boy. It will take time to help him understand himself but he is SO worth it!! Thank you Paws on Hearts for allowing us to bring this enormous effervescent happy loving cheeky ball of fire into our lives. We are keepers and we love him ❤❤❤

Maria Cangas Sorolla -Gloomy day☁☁☁ Zeus is taking it easy today... Looks like an angel when he's sleeping❤❤❤

Kristen Aston --Iv got Rocco He is ruling my house