Our Bella the slipper monster 😂

Lori jo bell

my Hunter

Lori jo bell

my Smudge

Andrea Horn

This is mia , not sure how old she is  , she adopted me as her mum a fair few years ago , she loves to sleep lots and as you can see loves her food 🐾❤️🐾

Andrea Horn

My boy , he's nearly 10. Sometimes thinks he's a dog , but he's my little munchkin 🐾💙🐾

Mar Ortega Pascual

Curt Hanold

Had ten yesterday ..down too 5 ..all rescues ..yay for the guys that got adopted

Mi Sira... Viginia Sanchez

Saffy and boss mum and son...Annette Baker

Chucho❤ Stefania Stanciu

Andrea Horn

Susan Zoller

Lori Tikka

Mart moyniham ...Tommy lying on his blanket bless him

Lori jo bell ...Hunter and Smudge

Debra sutcliffe

Keeping my old girl warm in this nasty cold weather 🐕💖

Jo Zimmer

Standard chilly night position for Izzy 💗

Norman Lindsay


Sandra watson